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Steel and Composite Lightweight Cylinders

Welding Together Safety & Innovation

Liquified Petroleum Gases (LPG)
From powering forklifts to providing heat for domestic living, each product meets specific criteria for excellence. Our long history as a market leader means that our cylinders set the standard for each of their markets. 
Refrigerant Gases

When it comes to serving the needs of the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, our wide range of cylinder models set the industry standard for quality. 

Packaged Chemicals

Whether for fire suppressants, welding or winemaking, among others, our specialty gas cylinders are produced through constant innovation and adaptation to deliver the best solution.

Industrial Gases

Ergonomically designed cylinders delivering a user-friendly experience and new levels of mobility and portability. Created for industrial gases such as oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, acetylene and argon.

Our Manufacturing Footprint

Worthington Enterprises manufactures Amtrol-Alfa branded cylinders from its more than 800,000-square-feet campus in Portugal. Our team supplies all Portuguese gas distributors and exports cylinders to more than 100 countries.