Our Impact

Addressing Everyday Challenges with Everyday Solutions
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Creating Impact Across the World

At Worthington Enterprises, we believe in utilizing our skills and expertise to create positive impact in everyday life. Our products and solutions are used throughout homes and businesses to provide essentials like refrigeration, heating, safe drinking water, fuel storage and more. We’re committed to continuous improvement in all we do so we can make everybody’s lives better.

Whether as broad as advancing toward clean energy or as personal as your kid’s next birthday party, our impact is experienced by countless lives every day. That’s a privilege and a responsibility we take to heart.

Our Philosophy

Our impact begins with the way we operate. Our Philosophy is rooted in the Golden Rule: We treat our employees, customers, investors and suppliers as we would like to be treated. It’s our North Star and the foundation for how we make everyday decisions.

Our Solutions

Leading means always seeking improvement.  Whether it’s developing innovative SmartLid® products for propane cylinders or ensuring your toolkit has all the essentials to make your job easier, we listen to our users with intent to eliminate pain points. We apply the same transformational and data-driven processes that we use internally to support our customers in optimizing their own processes, too, for improved efficiencies and cost savings.

Our People

Our impact is possible because of our people. It’s through their hard work, technical expertise, ambition and innovative thinking that we’re able to make new ideas and products a reality. Beyond the job, a prominent part of our culture focuses on giving back and supporting our communities and each other. Our employees exemplify leadership every day through volunteerism and good Samaritanism. As a Company, it’s also our commitment to provide the tools, training and resources for employees to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Our Commitment

We lead by leaving the world better than we found it and being responsible stewards of our environment. Whether it’s uplifting the communities where we live and work, setting goals that pave the way to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050 or growing our portfolio of products that enable emissions reductions – we understand it will take everyone working together to advance a sustainable future for all.