Internship Program

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Real-world experience makes a real difference. When you join our internship program, you tap into the network and resources of a global company renowned for our people-first culture and forward thinking. Put your skills to the test and gain valuable insights into the professional world through active, collaborative learning.

The Program

Business Setting

Over the course of our 11-week summer internship, you’ll take what you’ve learned in the classroom and apply it in a dynamic business setting.


Community involvement and networking opportunities are embedded into the internship experience, reflecting Our Philosophy rooted in the Golden Rule.


We recognize strong performance—and look for it. Your position as an intern carries the potential to be offered a full-time position.

Mike Graham, Intern, Accounting

The plant tours and conversations with employees really open your eyes to the innovation that has been occurring in our manufacturing processes and helps show value created from our work in our end products.
Activate Your Experience


Your hiring manager will pair you with a project to engage your problem-solving skills and develop your capabilities. By the end of the summer, you’ll be prepared to report your project findings to business leaders.
Activate Your Experience


Our learning sessions are designed to help enhance your soft and professional abilities. Round out your technical proficiencies with in-demand interpersonal skills.
Activate Your Experience

On-the-Job Learning

By working directly alongside expert team members, you’ll become familiar with the day-to-day demands of business. 

Ben Kim, Intern, Corporate Technology and Innovation

My favorite part of interning at Worthington definitely has to be the people. Whether it has been my manager, fellow coworkers, or other interns, everyone has been amazing to work with.

Feeling Empowered?

Each year, we recruit and hire students across diverse disciplines from a wide variety of colleges and universities.