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HALO Products Earn "Best of 2024" Honors

The 2024 outdoor cooking season is underway and editors from CNET and Buy Side from WSJ (The Wall Street Journal) are calling HALO products among the best of the best this year. Worthington Enterprises acquired the HALO brand in February 2024.

CNET, which is a digital media publication, recognized the HALO Elite Griddle as the best camping griddle in its “Best Grills for 2024” report. According to CNET’s expert reviewer, “HALO has made some excellent products over the last few years, including a pizza oven that I liked when testing, but this griddle is a stand-out product. On top of all the standard testing I do with grills, I got to take it for the first camping trip of the season and it held up like an absolute champ. The cooking surface heated evenly, and because of the inspired idea to include a spirit level and adjustable feet, I could set it up on a rickety picnic table and not have my eggs run to one corner. That spirit level is such a good idea.”

CNET also recognized the HALO Versa pizza oven as the “easiest to use” in its listing of the best pizza ovens of 2024. The CNET reviewer wrote, “The rotating pizza stone eliminates the need to manually adjust your pies. And the unique liftable lid provides unparalleled access for cooking and cleaning up after.”

Buy Side from WSJ cited the HALO Elite Series as one of the 10 best grills of the year. Editor Sal Vaglica honored the HALO Elite 3B as the “Most Hardworking” grill. The review said, “The 64-inch by 32-inch HALO cranks out 36,000 BTUs over three burners, but what is unique is its ability to meter out that heat over six zones. You can keep the slab of steel at a consistent temperature or easily create a warm spot to stash cooked food. The lid also makes short work of tasks like melting cheese on burgers. The 564 square inch griddle is inset to protect the burners from the wind and its surface will reach up to 750 degrees in about 10 minutes. The wheels make it easy to roll the 152-pound griddle around a deck or patio and the built-in level, along with the adjustable feet, help level the unit off so you’re not chasing sausages all afternoon.”

Buy Side from WSJ is a team of editors who make selections based on a combination of hands-on testing and thorough research and reporting involving reputable, expert sources.

Steve Caravati, president, Consumer Products, Worthington Enterprises, said, “We are pleased to see the HALO Elite Series griddles and Versa pizza oven earn national recognition of what we’ve believed for some time now—these products are among the best of the best. We couldn’t be more excited about the potential of the HALO brand within our portfolio of outdoor living products.”

HALO is an innovative, asset-light, niche business with technology-enabled solutions catering to the changing trends of how people cook, gather and enjoy. Several of HALO’s products are designed for increased portability and can connect via wireless network or Bluetooth for mobile app-based control of cook time, grill temperature and other performance-related functions.