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Meet Kelly Burton: Maker of New Opportunities
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22-year employee

Kelly Burton, Commercial Supply Chain Manager

What does it take for a company to inspire more than 20 years of loyalty in an employee? For Kelly Burton, commercial supply chain manager, Steel Support, it comes down to a few things: opportunities for growth, great benefits and relationship building.

With 22 years at Worthington under his belt, Kelly has had plenty of time to enjoy all three.

It’s been a whirlwind in the supply chain world the last few years, but that’s what keeps it interesting, and the family-oriented atmosphere has kept me here,” said Kelly. “I feel like I’ve grown up and matured here as Worthington has matured, too.

Career Path

Starting in Customer Service

Kelly’s first day at Worthington was 30 days after he graduated college in June 2000, and he’s been here ever since.

After starting in an entry level position in Inside Sales and growing his skills and experience over five years, Kelly was ready to make a change. He transitioned to a role in Information Technology (IT) to help with a large-scale Supply Chain software implementation. Working in IT gave Kelly a whole new perspective and taught him lessons he’s carried with him.

“Learning a new [IT] system can be hard. In some cases, you’re turning someone’s world upside down. You have to learn and listen to understand. When people know you care, they’re willing to work together to figure out a new way of doing things.”

Making Moves

Kelly’s Career Progression

Listening and building trust are skills that have continued to benefit Kelly as he’s moved into new roles as a business analyst and his current position as supply chain manager. In total, he’s held five different positions and worked with nine teams. 

That’s the great thing about Worthington – while I’ve been with one company for many years, I’ve been able to have several different careers here, from customer service, to IT, to supply chain – the limits are only what you make them.


More Than a Job

As a father of four, Kelly has also enjoyed benefits like Worthington’s Medical Center and onsite park where he’s hosted some of his children’s graduation parties. He also participated in Worthington’s tuition reimbursement program to receive his MBA from Ohio Dominican University.

“The Company has really invested in me throughout the years,” he said. “I’ve grown individually but also used that experience and education to help the company to grow.” 

Reflecting on Two Decades at Worthington

It’s the relationships that I value most. It’s the family feeling here that I really hold onto – professionally and personally. I like the Makers of Better slogan and hopefully I’m making things better too by continuing to take on new opportunities and challenges.