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Makers of Finding Your Fire
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Create with Fire

DIY projects make for a great side hustle, creative outlet, stress reliever or simply a way to feel accomplished. Now more than ever, creators are experimenting with new tools to craft at-home projects from unique home décor to jewelry, art, accessories and more. 

New Tool

Bernzomatic FirePoint Creator Tool

Inspired by a maker’s passion, our newest tool is designed for those with this desire to create. 

The Bernzomatic® FirePoint® Creator Tool offers a fine yet powerful, precision flame through every step in the creation process—from construction to the finishing touches. It acts as an extension of the user’s hand, allowing for full control and resulting in a quality and uniquely finished piece. 


Identifying an Unmet Need in the Market

Through Voice of Customer (VOC) interviews and observation of makers, we learned heat and flame products on the market today weren’t meeting their needs. Propane torches, while gaining popularity beyond traditional uses like plumbing, weren’t designed for precision work, and small butane torches didn’t produce a hot enough flame to be effective on certain materials. 

Janna Stanford, Bernzomatic brand director

We wanted to provide a way for more people to uncover the possibilities that exist by creating with fire. We listened to the needs of makers across the country. They wanted hotter, more powerful tools that offered precise control for detailed projects.

Designed to Meet Makers’ Needs

The FirePoint Creator Tool was intentionally designed to deliver the specific features makers wanted: higher heat output, a finer point flame and versatile grip. Additionally, the 41-inch flexible fuel hose allows for uninterrupted movement and use from any angle, and the durable fuel stand has a built-in torch dock to safely and conveniently store the hot tool after switching off.

FirePoint Creator Tool Testimonial

I am new at making burnt wood signs and creations. I ordered this Bernzomatic FirePoint torch to learn the craft. It is so simple and intuitive to use… I can’t stop!

Creating Customer Value: Innovation at Work

To bring more value to consumers, our new product development process always starts with listening and competitive analysis to understand the pain points and unmet needs users are experiencing when completing certain tasks. Those insights are used to develop product concepts and prototypes. Over time they are refined to deliver a product that meets our stringent quality and safety standards, generates positive user experience and supports growth opportunities for our brands.

The FirePoint Tool is just one example of innovation at work at Worthington.