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Makers of Cleaner Communities
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Makers of Cleaner Communities

Recycling Residential Gas Cylinders

At Worthington, we’re driven to be good environmental stewards and promote sustainable solutions that protect our planet. As a leading U.S.-based cylinder manufacturer, we’re committed to recycling discarded residential gas cylinders and believe a collaborative approach is the best way to develop such programs that meet the needs of customers, retailers, producers and the government.
Leading the Charge

Supporting a Collaborative Approach in Connecticut

In a first-of-its-kind effort, we took a leadership role working with Connecticut lawmakers to craft legislation calling for an industry-led recycling program for residential gas cylinders commonly used for camping, grilling, DIY projects and celebrations requiring portable propane and butane, hand-held torches and portable helium.

Signed into law on May 10, 2022, Public Act No. 22-27 establishes a convenient and efficient process for the free pickup, transport and recycle of cylinders sold at retail locations across Connecticut. Prior to this bill, consumers had to dispose of these cylinders themselves. Now, there will be drop-off sites at various locations statewide.

This program also includes a campaign aimed at educating consumers about proper end-of-life management of these cylinders, as well as locations of collection sites.


“We believed that, in working together, we could develop an innovative solution that would be convenient for consumers and operationally efficient for all parties while delivering sustainability benefits.”
Making an Impact

Our Role

We spent five months gaining stakeholder input throughout Connecticut to understand the current process for disposing of residential gas cylinders and seek feedback on a potential new approach. Stakeholder groups included local governments, retailers, waste management service providers, propane distributors, state parks, colleges and more.

We then delivered a comprehensive report and recommendation to the Joint Standing Environment Committee of the Connecticut General Assembly, which unanimously approved the bill – paving the way for its subsequent passage in the House and Senate.


“I challenged the industry to come up with a solution, and Worthington Industries stepped up to the task. After months of diligent efforts and conversations with all stakeholders, Worthington presented a plan that will provide consumers with a convenient collection system while minimizing the impact on retailers and municipal solid waste facilities.”
Looking Ahead

Building a Model for Other States

This is only the beginning! We’re already working to replicate this collaborative approach in other states, including California where discussions are already underway with legislators about concerns with a current proposal to ban small format, non-refillable propane cylinders – a change that could potentially lead to higher costs for both consumers and the environment as a whole. Our hope is California will embrace a similar approach to Connecticut by working closely with the industry on a solution that will ensure a more sustainable future for all.


“We are looking forward to getting started in Connecticut and replicating this collaborative and innovative approach in other states to resolve this recycling challenge.”